Biometric Access Devices

Make forklift operations safer with our biometric access technology!
Choose between fingerprint identification or face recognition for seamless biometric access control of your machines.
Check the guide below to find the right solution for your fleet.

Fingerprint Access

Experience state-of-the-art biometric access control with our Fingerprint Access 4 / SA product line, leveraging fingerprint identification technology. Authenticated personell simply scan their fingerprints to unlock or start a forklift truck. Versatile in function, Fingerprint Access 4 / SA can serve as access control replacing the key switch, or as an immobilizer in conjunction with existing access systems. The devices seamlessly integrate, available as build-in solution for trucks of various manufacturers or as stand-alone (SA) version compatible with any machine. Fingerprint Access 4 / SA is ready to operate with our cloud-based access management system and features mobile connectivity for quick smartphone access.

Face Recognition

Our Face Recognition 2 product line revolutionizes access control with cutting-edge biometric face identification technology. Similar to unlocking a smartphone, authorized personnel simply need to scan their face in front of the device to unlock or start your machine. Face Recognition 2 can replace a key switch serving as access control system, or in conjunction with existing access technology act as an immobilizer. Featuring a 1-inch industrial-style ball mount, Face Recognition 2 can be easily mounted on any machine and adjusted for the perfect face scanning angle, ensuring optimal performance and convenience. The devices are fully compatible with our cloud-based access management system and offer mobile connectivity for quick smartphone access.


of all forklift accidents are caused by unqualified drivers.

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