About Us


Founded as QOC Services Ltd. in August 2018 in Hong Kong, the original purpose of the company was to provide technical consulting services to European SMEs for their operations in Asia.

Rather as a side project, biometric access systems for forklifts were developed by our founder Julian, who had worked for a multinational manufacturer of industrial trucks in Shanghai during the years before.

While significantly expanding the portfolio in machinery access technology, QOC Technologie GmbH in Julian’s home-country Germany had been founded in 2022 to develop and manufacture new innovations.

Today we offer a constantly growing portfolio of biometric machinery access devices, light fleet management solutions and assistance technology for forklift operators around the world – making forklift operations safer.

And yes, we still do consulting.

Our vision is to create a safer and more efficient workplace for forklift operations!

We develop innovative biometric access devices, fleet management solutions and operator assistance technology to help our customers optimize their forklift operations while improving safety.

Julian-Christoph Huss


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