Access 4 / SA

Biometric access control for your forklift truck

Making forklift operations safer!

Equipment damage with nobody owning up to?
Moving of machines without permission?
Driving forklifts without license?

Fingerprint Access 4 / SA transforms forklift security!

By replacing traditional key switches with a cutting-edge fingerprint scanner, our biometric access control devices revolutionize operational accountability and safety within your fleet.


Only authorized operators access your machines


Detailed insights with usage history tracking


Compatible with every forklift truck

Universal compatibility

Whether integrated or as stand-alone version, Fingerprint Access 4 / SA is compatible with every forklift truck.

Up to 120 fingerprints

Distinguish securely and reliably among up to 120 unique operator fingerprints per machine.

Auto-logout function

After detecting idle machine status, automatic logout effectively prevents unauthorized usage.

2 security levels

Supervisor / Operator access level: Ensure that only supervisors get full control over user management and device settings.

Large touch display

Easily navigate the multi-language interface using the large touch display with intuitive gestures.

Multi-language interface

Designed for global accessibility, the device supports various languages for easy usage by personnell all over the world.

Wireless network

Streamlined connectivity: Integrated wireless functionality for cloud-based access management

Access Management enabled

Manage access rights, receive usage statics and optimize your fleet using our light-weight, cloud-based access management system.

Mobile connectivity

Access up to 1,000 usage history entries and obtain an overview of registered users directly from the device on your smartphone.

Integrated or stand-alone?

Fingerprint Access 4 / SA is offered as both an integrated solution, replacing the key switch on forklift trucks from various manufacturers, and as a stand-alone version. The stand-alone variant features versatile mounting options, including an industry-standard 1-inch ball mount or screwing pattern for customized holders, ensuring compatibility with any machine.

Biometric Forklift Control - Fingerprint Access 4

Fingerprint Access 4

As a variant designed for integration into trucks of various manufacturers, Fingerprint Access 4 is available in two configurations: a flat version for top mount applications and an angled device for front mounting.

Biometric Forklift Control - Fingerprint Access SA

Fingerprint Access SA

The stand-alone (SA) version of Fingerprint Access devices offers versatile mounting options, featuring either a 1-inch ball mount for industrial-style attachment brackets or a screwing pattern for the use of customized holders. With this flexibility, the devices can be securely mounted on any machine, in almost any location.

Access Control or Immobilizer?

Fingerprint Access 4 / SA can serve as a fully-featured access control device, replacing the key-switch in battery-electric machines. Alternatively, it can function as an immobilizer for both battery-electric and combustion-engine powered equipment by acting as an interrupter within the ignition circuit.

Access control

The key switch in a battery-electric forklift serves as a mechanical device that interrupts the starting signal to the machine’s controller. Fingerprint Access 4 / SA seamlessly performs this task by utilizing its internal relay, which is activated upon successful fingerprint identification. When used as an access control device, Fingerprint Access 4 / SA effectively replaces the functionality of the equipment’s key switch.


An immobilizer in a forklift truck functions as a security device designed to prevent unauthorized usage in conjunction with existing access control devices (i.e. a key switch). When implementing Fingerprint Access 4 / SA as an immobilizer, it interrupts the signal from the key switch signal to the controller in battery-electric machines or the ignition circuit in combustion-engine powered equipment. Upon successful fingerprint identification, the device’s internal relay enables existing access control systems, allowing the equipment to be activated.

Wireless connectivity

Fingerprint Access 4 / SA features Wi-Fi functionality, allowing connectivity to up to 50 wireless networks within your premises. The devices are fully compatible with our cloud-based access management system, facilitating advanced access control, real-time statistics, and unlimited usage history records. Instant access to operational history and user data is easily accessible via any smartphone, directly from a Fingerprint Access 4 / SA device.

Position localization

Ensure precise equipment tracking within large outdoor premises with Fingerprint Access SA GPS. The optional GPS feature incorporates a GNSS receiver into Fingerprint Access SA, enabling accurate positioning in unobstructed areas. Access real-time machine locations directly from our cloud-based access management system.

Fingerprint Access SA GPS - Port Operations

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What do our clients think?

As machine operator, Fingerprint Access 4 has made my job much easier and more secure. With the devices built into our entire fleet, I no longer have to worry about losing or forgetting the key. The fingerprint scanning is fast and reliable, and even if I forget to switch off the truck, I feel safe as the automatic logout function will protect my machine from unauthorized usage.

Wang Yong

Forklift Operator

As fleet manager, Fingerprint Access has been a game changer for our operations. The device has helped us improve security and accountability across our entire fleet. I can now define access to machines individually and simply authorize new or remove existing operator accesses. I especially love the feature to quickly obtain usage history entires directly from the device on my smartphone. Security has never been easier!

Ong Teng Liang

Fleet Manager

As a product manager in a forklift dealership, I’m always on the lookout for innovative solutions to help our customers improve their operations. Fingerprint Access 4 / SA has been a great addition to our product offerings, and our clients have been impressed with its ease of use and compatibility with a wide range of forklift models. It’s a product we’re proud to stand behind and recommend to our customers.

Ahmed Aziz

Senior Product Manager

Any questions left?

What is biometric access?

A biometric access control system is a digital entry system that controls physical access to a forklift truck or other equipment. The system identifies individuals who are allowed to operate a machine using fingerprint detection, facial or palm recognition and other methods.

How does a biometric system work?

A biometric system works with the obtained biometric data of a person, from which a special algorithm selects characteristics to create a biometric template. The system can then verify the identity of the person in reference to the biometric database.

What is the purpose of biometrics?

Biometrics is the measurement and analysis of people’s unique physical and behavioral characteristics. In access control, biometric technology is mainly used to increase security levels by ensuring identified persons are actually the ones they claim to be.

Is biometric access safe?

While no identification and authentication method can technically be 100% safe, biometrics are by far more secure than other authentication methods. A unique physical identification of a person’s characteristic is extremely hard to copy, fake or misuse.

What is the difference between Fingerprint Access 4 and Fingerprint Access SA?

Fingerprint Access 4 and Fingerprint Access SA differ only in their housings. While Fingerprint Access 4 devices are integrated into specific forklift truck models, Fingerprint Access SA (= stand-alone) can be mounted on any forklift truck using its standard 1″ ball mount or screwing pattern. Both devices offer identical functionality, ensuring seamless access control regardless of installation method.

How can Fingerprint Access 4 / SA devices take over access control in my forklift?

Fingerprint Access 4 / SA devices assume access control of your forklift by replacing its key switch. Upon authorization of a fingerprint, the internal relay activates, mirroring the function of a traditional key switch to start the machine.
Fingerprint Access 4 / SA devices can also function as an immobilizer system in conjunction with a key switch, providing added security options beyond access control.

Can Fingerprint Access 4 / SA be installed in both electric and combustion engine forklifts?

Yes, Fingerprint Access 4 / SA is compatible with both battery-electric and combustion engine-powered forklift trucks. For battery-electric machines, we recommend utilizing Fingerprint Access 4 / SA as an access control device by replacing the key switch. Alternatively, for combustion engine-powered forklifts, we suggest employing Fingerprint Access 4 / SA as an immobilizer.

Does the Fingerprint Access 4 / SA device require an additional power supply?

Fingerprint Access 4 / SA is designed to operate with an input power supply of 18 – 75 VDC for battery-electric forklifts and is available with an input power supply of 9 – 18 VDC for combustion-engine machines. The device consumes less than 1W of power in standby mode and peaks at up to 6W power consumption during full operation, including wireless communication. Installation typically involves placement behind the emergency switch of a battery-electric powered truck or direct connection to the electrical system of combustion-engine powered machines.

Will Fingerprint Access 4 / SA drain the battery of my machine when not in use?

Fingerprint Access 4 / SA consumes less than 1W of power when not in use. When the device detects that your machine has been inactive for over an hour, it automatically switches to standby mode, conserving your machine’s battery. Upon an operator’s login attempt, the device seamlessly returns to normal operation, ensuring uninterrupted access control functionality.

How can I connect my Fingerprint Access 4 / SA with the cloud for access management?

Fingerprint Access 4 / SA devices are equipped with built-in Wi-Fi functionality. With the capability to store up to 50 different Wi-Fi credentials, simply input one or multiple Wi-Fi networks covering the machine’s operational area into the device. It automatically connects to the network with the strongest signal. While it doesn’t always necessitate network coverage, it transfers data whenever a connection is established.

Can I read usage history entries from the device on my smartphone?

Yes. Mobile connectivity is an advanced feature to quickly access up to the last 1,000 usage history entries and obtain an overview of all registered users to a device. By activating mobile connectivity, Fingerprint Access 4 / SA devices open a wireless network, which you connect your smartphone to. All data can now easily be accessed through your smartphone’s web browser.

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