LogiMAT 2024: Introducing new series of Biometric Access Devices

22 March 2024

LogiMAT stands as a premier international trade fair held annually in Stuttgart, Germany, dedicated to the intricate realm of intralogistics and supply chain management. Attracting a diverse array of exhibitors and visitors from around the globe, the event serves as a focal point for the latest innovations and solutions driving efficiency and optimization within warehouse and distribution center operations. From cutting-edge technologies like robotics and automated guided vehicles to sophisticated warehouse management systems and packaging solutions, LogiMAT showcases the forefront of industry advancements. Beyond its exhibition floor, LogiMAT offers unparalleled networking opportunities and educational seminars, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among professionals in the field. For those seeking to stay abreast of emerging trends and forge invaluable connections within the world of intralogistics, LogiMAT stands as an indispensable event on the calendar.

New product series @ Logimat 2024

We are delighted to announce the successful introduction of our latest series of biometric access control solutions at LogiMAT 2024. With a focus on enhancing security and efficiency within warehouse and distribution environments, our cutting-edge technology garnered significant attention from a diverse range of attendees, spanning manufacturers, dealers, and rental agents alike. The enthusiastic response from attendees underscores the growing recognition of biometric technology as a cornerstone of modern security strategies. Manufacturers expressed keen interest in integrating our solutions into their operations to bolster security protocols and streamline access control processes. Likewise, dealers and rental agents recognized the immense value our biometric access control systems offer to their clients, providing a seamless and highly effective means of safeguarding assets and sensitive information.

Face Recognition launching soon

We took the chance to provide a sneak peek into the future with a preview of our upcoming face recognition technology, slated for launch by the end of Q2/2024. This cutting-edge innovation promises to revolutionize access control with its advanced algorithms for accurate and rapid identification of facial features to grant access to machinery. With its universal compatibility, it ensures accessibility across a spectrum of various forklifts brands, streamlining integration and enhancing security measures across warehouse and distribution environments. As we move towards its official launch, we anticipate widespread adoption of this solution as an essential component of modern intralogistics security strategies.

Our partnerships

Our presence at LogiMAT 2024 did not only allow us to reconnect with our existing partners but also facilitated the establishment of promising new relationships within the industry. Among the highlights of our interactions, we had the pleasure of getting introduced to the new series of industrial mounts by Reents Technologies and receiving featured listings by Flux.Parts, reaffirming our shared commitment to innovation and excellence in intralogistics solutions. These encounters underscore our dedication to fostering strong partnerships and driving collective success within the dynamic landscape of supply chain management and intralogistics.

As we reflect on the success at LogiMAT 2024, we extend our gratitude to all who expressed interest in our solutions. We are excited to continue working with partners across the industry to deliver unparalleled security solutions tailored to the evolving needs of the intralogistics and supply chain management sectors. And of course see you next year at LogiMat 2025 in Stuttgart!