TSG81-2022: Updated Standard on Safety Requirements for the Chinese Market

11 March 2024

The forklift industry in China stands as a cornerstone of the nation’s manufacturing and logistics sectors, playing a vital role in the movement and handling of goods across various industries. With rapid industrialization and urbanization driving robust demand for material handling equipment, China has emerged as one of the largest markets for forklifts globally. The industry encompasses a diverse range of players, from domestic manufacturers to multinational corporations, each vying to innovate and deliver efficient, reliable, and technologically advanced forklift solutions.

Safety Standards in Material Handling

Safety standards are paramount in ensuring the integrity of material handling equipment, including forklifts, across industrial and logistics domains. These standards serve as a cornerstone for safeguarding consumers against potential hazards inherent in forklift operations, thereby mitigating the risk of accidents, injuries, and fatalities. Moreover, adherence to safety standards fosters quality assurance by providing manufacturers with a structured framework for designing, producing, and testing material handling equipment to meet stringent safety benchmarks. Notably, the Chinese State Administration for Market Regulation spearheads the development, review, and issuance of these standards, underscoring its commitment to consumer protection, market access, liability reduction, risk management, and the continual enhancement of safety protocols within the forklift industry and beyond.

TSG81-2022 Regulation Implementation

The TSG81-2022 marks a significant milestone in the realm of forklift safety regulations. Approved by the State Administration for Market Regulation in China on 3 August 2022, TSG81-2022 represents the culmination of rigorous efforts to formulate a Special Equipment Safety Technical Regulation focused on safety technology for special purpose motor vehicles in special fields. This landmark regulation, crafted in accordance with the Special Equipment Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China and the Regulations on Safety Supervision of Special Equipment, is tailored to ensure the safe and reliable usage of motorized vehicles in specialized fields, encompassing industrial forklift trucks within its purview. With the full implementation of the new standards slated for 1 December 2023, all manufacturers are mandated to adhere to the stipulated regulations when introducing new products into the Chinese market, further fortifying safety standards and elevating industry-wide safety protocols.

Biometric Driver Authentication

One of the pivotal provisions within the updated TSG81-2022 pertains to Driver Authentication, emphasizing the necessity of authorizing drivers based on biometric information or analogous media ensuring uniquely bound personal identity data. Mandated by the regulation, the installation of a device tasked with collecting information on the authorized driver is requisite, serving as the gatekeeper to machine access. Under this protocol, initiation of the forklift’s operation hinges upon successful authentication by the driver via fingerprint, iris scan, facial recognition, or comparable means. In instances where authentication fails to meet the stipulated criteria, the forklift truck is programmed to remain in a disabled state, reinforcing stringent safety measures and minimizing operational risks.

Ensure TSG81-2022 Compliance

Our Fingerprint Access 4 / SA devices offer comprehensive compliance with the TSG81-2022 standard by leveraging advanced biometric technology through fingerprint access capabilities. Designed to ensure secure and reliable machine operation, these devices authenticate users through fingerprint recognition, aligning seamlessly with the stringent driver authentication requirements outlined in TSG81-2022. Furthermore, our devices go beyond mere access control by providing a detailed usage history of the last 1,000 usage sessions. This feature empowers operators and supervisors with valuable insights into machine utilization patterns, enhancing operational transparency, accountability, and compliance monitoring. With our Fingerprint Access 4 / SA devices, businesses can confidently navigate regulatory requirements while optimizing efficiency and safety in material handling operations.